The school complex consists of two buildings - the one with 32 classrooms, a school hall, a library ,a reading room and administrative and social rooms; and the other one with a gym. Each of the classrooms has an access to the Internet and most of classrooms have audio-visual equipment. The school has about 380 students, aged 15-19, and about 80 between teachers and administrative workers. Our students come from the town of Kamienna Gora and from the close villages.

The school has a rich history and great experience in the field of cooperation with foreign schools. For many years our students have visited and hosted the cooperating school in Schramberg, Germany. Within that cooperation our students have been able know better the history of our region, visit the most important cities and places connected with the history of Poland and Germany. The positive aspect of this cooperation is that the students are hosted by families, they overcome language and culture barriers. This project is co-financed by Nysa Euro-Region.

Twice a year our students participate in a week workshops devoted to theatre, journalism, music, film, photography- organized within the project Lanterna Futuri. The workshops take place in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. The advantages coming out of this project is exchange of experiences, improvement of language skills connected with development of students` passions and talents.

The maths teacher in 2004-2007 participated in cooperation with teachers from Germany, France and Luxemburg within the Socrates-Comenius project in a project called "Measure of All Things". The project focused on maths skills connected with the practical ones. Students studied the notion of similarity on different levels. They also studied self-similarity- characteristic for fractals and application of it for computer graphics. They also explored fractals in nature, and in mathematical view.

In 2010-2013 we participated in an ecology project, promoting protection of the environment, exploring the subject of pollution and searching for the new methods of recycling.

The biology teacher has great experience in ecological education and in sites of community interest (SCI). For many years she has been involved in cooperation with:

- The Karkonosze Centre of Ecological Education in Szklarska Poreba

- "Salamandra" The Centre of Ecological Education and Touring in Mysliborz

She carried out projects called "4xPark" where students could explore The Karkonosze National Park and The Ksiazanski National Park, study the problems the parks face and find new ways of solving their problems.

She also started cooperation with The Forest Gene Bank in Kostrzyca. The aim of this is dissemination of knowledge aboth the forest habitat and its role for the plants, animals and people and protection of endangered plant species.

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