I.I.S. Amoretti e Artistico

Our school is a high school founded in 1886 in Imperia, Northern Italy, therefore it is well established in the province. It is located in two different towns, the main buildings are in Imperia and a separate branch is in Sanremo, 20 Km away.

It provides our students with  different educational programmes Foreign languages, Social Science, Economic Science and Visual Arts (Graphic Design, Painting, Multimedia and Architecture)

It is a multiethnic school with 867 students aged between 14 and 19 and 96 teachers, aged, on average, 47.

The students come from the whole province (town and inland villages). The number of foreign students, who are disadvantaged for social and economic reasons, has considerably increased in the past few years. More and more students are diagnosed with dyslexia and BES ( 6%) and the percentage of disabled students is 2%.

Our school has taken part in 3 funded European project and the Foreign language department has been doing class exchanges and students have been attending language courses abroad for many years. In fact, the students every year spend one week in a European country to improve their knowledge of the language they are studying; they are generally hosted by families and in turn they host their partners; in other words, the European dimension in our school is well rooted.

Our school has already carried out several projects in collaboration with local scientific and environmental organizations. A few Sites of Community were visited in the past few years with several classes but our school is now willing to make them known abroad and to get our students to know the correspondent local sites of the European partners.

3 Comenius projects were carried out by the Liceo artistico ("Dortmund in the eyes of Imperia-Imperia in the eyes of Dortmund in 2003 "Habitat" 2004-2006 "Online Movie.it.se in 2008) .

The school is a member of E-twinning; in addition to our current project, the ones carried out within the platform are called "Babelia" in 2008 and "English as a lingua franca" in 2013. Besides our school has recently joined a new network of digital schools called "Scuole digitali" in collaboration with the Regione Liguria and the Ministry of Education.

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